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The RASOR mobile app is now an integral part of RASOR tool kit, which includes the RASOR web platform and the QGIS plug-in. The RASOR mobile app was designed to allow the user to create and/or characterize exposure layers during the field survey. The RASOR mobile app is available on android devices (smart phones and tablets).

Characterisation of an existing layer

This functionality allows the user to modify the characterization of an existing layer. This is a very common case, since crowd source mapping systems layers, such as Open Street Map, have a good description of assets in terms of geometries, but are poorly characterized with the information concerning risk. When the RASOR mobile app is opened, it immediately connects with the on-line RASOR database. The user chose a layer among those displayed and display on the map. The user can visualise his/her position on the map by activating the device GPS functionalities.

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