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The Rasor platform is a typical web 2.0 application. It is composed by a Server back-end and a Client front-end. On the server side many open source project are linked to the system. The server machine is currently configured with a Ubuntu 14.04 server version. Rasor relies on GeoServer for layers handling and on GeoNode, which extends the GeoServer capabilities. Both are configured to work with PostgresSQL and PostGIS databases and geographic extensions. The Rasor specialized database is also hosted on the same DMBS. The server side offers standard REST API to the web client. REST services are built using python language, extending the Django REST framework. Many Open Source python libs are included on the server side. REST API can also be expanded using Java with Jersey REST technology and Hibernate ORM, although, at present, this has not been necessary. On the client side HTML 5.0 + CSS are used with the open source Angular JS Framework. The client side uses Bootstrap to handle the styles and Leaflet map component is the main user interface widget.

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